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It is the start of a new way to print labels packed with a great deal of innovation aimed at simplifying the printer’s work and increase the press efficiency.


Varyflex V2

Varyflex V2 could be configurated for the most different product targets, in order to suit the needs of the customer. Hereunder some of the most common versions of Varyflex V2.

Xflex X6

New printing system for the production of simple or sophisticated labels.

Xflex X6, the product of decades of experience, is a press characterised by its ease of use coupled with multiple innovations that make it fast and efficient. 
Its ergonomic and appealing design and intuitive adjustment make it easy to use in....

Xflex X4

A new development with the Xflex family!

X4 is designed to satisfy all customers using the printing cylinders. With servo-motors on each printing unit, the X4 shares the main features of the larger X6 using conventional printing cylinders.

An even shorter web path and an innovative electronic register control system make this....

Xflex X2

The most Cost-Effective Solution

Starting from the same concept of efficiency, with the same low set-up times and high print quality offered by the new Xflex X4 and Xflex X6 models, the Xflex X2 has been designed to allow the operator to work easily and instinctively on any job.

Xflex X2 has....