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Horizon stitcher/trimmers have built a reputation in Australia printshops for unrivaled productivity and value by providing ;ultimate ease of use through automation. Horizon booklet makers are aimed at short to medium run length, heavy duty ;production environments (offset, digital or hybrid ).

With this product line we are guaranteed to have the right solution for all your short to medium run length booklet making requirements!


StitchLiner 6000 - Saddle-stitching system


The StitchLiner6000 produces professional finished booklets at speed 6,000 booklets per hour. The icon-based colour touch screen is equippped for intuitive operation and quick make-ready. A newly designed VAC-80S, landscape feeding collator and straight saddle-stitching flow allows a wider range of paper stocks and applications.

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Stitchliner 5500 - Saddle-stitching system


The Stitchliner 5500 can produce tight fold booklets ;from 2 to 50 sheets. The icon based ;touch screen simplifies operation and th job changeover is fully ;automated. Also the three-knife trimmer section produces nearly finished booklets. At 5,500 booklets/hr and combining the advantages flat sheet collating, saddle stitching ;and three-knife trimming the totally unique ;booklet making system is ideal for short to mid range production runs.

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SPF-200A+FC-200A - New Generation Bookletmaker


The SPF-200A+FC-200A is equipped with the 10.4 inch colour touch screen for user friendly operation. Fold roller gap changeover is automayed. The error reject tray and hand marrying tray are built-in to produce perfectly finished booklets.

HP-200A (Hole Punch Unit) - The HP-200A can be attached to the SPF-200A+FC-200A. The HP-200A can make either 2 or 4 holes by ease of settings.

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SPF-20 / FC-20 - High-speed Bookletmaker


The SPF-20/FC-20 are heavy duty in-line stitching/folding & trimming units for Horizon collator models, VAC-100, VAC-60H, HAC-120, SAC-150 and TAC-8.

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SPF-8 - Stapler


The SPF-8 is a stapling and folding machine capable of folding, top and corner stapling. The SPF-9 produces professional quality finished booklets.

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SP-1 - Corner Stitcher


The SP-1 is a corner stitcher for Horizon collator models.


CW-8000NL - Near-line Bookletmaker

The CW-8000NL is an all-in-one near line bookletmaker that combines, bleed trimming, channel scoring, stitching, folding, face trimming and stacking. The CW-8000NL can handle many applications including booklet making, corner stitching, folding and multi-line scoring. The CW-8000NL is convenient, efficient and affordable.

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