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HP Indigo 7r Digital Press

HP Indigo 7r Digital Press

The HP Indigo 7r Digital Press, a reconditioned variant of the very successful HP Indigo 7x00 Digital Press platform provides all the advantages of Indigo’s technology for the entry level customer who wants the Indigo benefits of up to six colour stations and thick substrates printing without compromising on productivity, print quality or versatility.

Indigo’s robust and trustworthy press, with over 100 units installed worldwide allows new Indigo users to quickly ramp up production to millions of impressions.

The HP Indigo 7r gives you unique and differentiating value to win against competition through print quality, colour management, superior media range, endless applications and high productivity.

Its productivity & robustness together with the latest & greatest improvements in the LEP technology, make the HP Indigo 7r an easy investment decision given its great value.